Dog Crate Puppy Cage

See our selection of luxury dog crates and puppy cages for your Pug.

Dog crates also otherwise known as dog cages, are used in times to place a dog in a safe contained place for a short period of time; for example when your pug needs to travel.

When looking for a pug crate or pug puppy cage we would suggest looking for a cage that provides some or all of the below:

#1 Offers sufficient space for your pug to move around comfortably including being in standing up or sitting position  

#2 Has a wide opening hinged door that has a low-level opening

#3 Has rounded corners or no sharp edges

#4 Comes with soft and washable bedding or base or allows one to be fitted.

pug dog in a travel crate stock photo Fotor
A pug puppy leaving his crate from a pug puppy leaving his crate from istockphoto